What To Look For In A Windows Replacement Company

How Do You Find a Good Windows Replacement Company

When it is time to get your windows replaced, there is more than just selecting which material to use. Apart from fixing a budget and getting an approximate time frame, you need to take a close look at the company that will be replacing your windows too.

Here is a list of things you need to look for in the company that will be replacing your windows:

  • Details Of The Company

Before you entrust your house in the hands of someone, you should know about them. Get to know the company, its name, address, numbers, etc.

  • Do They Have Insurance

Accidents are bound to happen and a lack of insurance can complicate things beyond words. Check if the company has comprehensive liability insurance and workers compensation insurance.

  • Do They Have A License

Some states may require the contractors to carry a license. Ensure yours has a valid license if it is required by your state.

  • Experience Of The Company

Find out how long the company has been in this business. If it is a well established company, they will know how to handle the situations

  • How Are They With Customer Complaints

When windows are replaces, there is a high possibility of issues arising. If not issues, the customers are bound to have a large number of doubts. How has this company handled them? Have they been patient enough to explain everything in detail? Did they solve all the doubts? Have they rectified errors or have they washed their hands off the responsibility once the money was received?

These are a few questions you need to ask other customers and go through customer reviews for. This will enable you to understand how dependable the company is and if they will be helpful even after the project is completed. Getting the work done by one company and getting the issues rectified by another is not only difficult but can work out to be very expensive too.

  • Proposal And Estimate

When you enter into an agreement with a windows replacement company, always get a clear estimate and a probable completion date. This will not only help you plan better but will also give you the time frame and budget with which you have to work. If the company takes more time or suddenly surprises with a bill too big, you will have this contract to go back to. A legal contract can be used in court too.

Whichever company you choose, to replace your windows, ensure they are trustworthy and dependable. Customer reviews and other review articles online are the best source of such information. When you choose the right company, not only will your work get done soon, it will be done in a very professional manner and cause very little stress for you.

Why You Should Sponsor Your Local Youth Sports Team

It is not a coincidence that large and well-known brands have become ingrained in professional sports and sporting events. Fans’ passion and love for their teams is often conditioned from an early age, making them bound to that team for love.

Large businesses and corporations are well familiar with that fact, and for that reason they try to “score” some of that fan base. This is often done by sponsoring events, half-time shows, or including athletes in their commercials.

But, don’t mistake sports sponsorship as a game just for the big leaguers. There are plenty of local and small businesses who are doing the same, just on a smaller scale.

If you own a small business, especially one that is concentrated in a certain region, here are a few reasons as to why you should consider sponsoring a local sports team or event.

Tax incentive. Sponsorship are considered a certain type of donations. If you inquire into your local sports organizations, you will undoubtedly notice that almost all of them are registered as nonprofit groups. This allows businesses to get tax breaks when they make direct donations to such establishments.

Building rapport with your community. This is perhaps the most important point for any local business. Building trust begins by building rapport. Sponsoring youth sports programs demonstrates to parents and local politicians that your business cares about the development and overall infrastructure of the community. Not to mention, if the next Sydney Crosby comes out from one of those youth themes, you can bet there will be pictures leaked in the media with his early jersey on. One that says “sponsored by Joe’s Sandwich Club”.

Increase company’s awareness. This one goes without saying. After all, everything in business should be done with a marketing perspective in mind. Your company can get its name on the jerseys, side advertisements of the fields, and possible website advertising. Some simple twitching to your own website can drive additional traffic to your business through your sponsorship.

Build goodwill. This is somewhat related to the building rapport point I’ve mentioned above. By sponsoring a youth sports organization, your business can demonstrate its loyalty to the community. For example, your business is windows and doors in Winnipeg, and you decide to sponsor a local soccer club. This would significantly increase your community ties to people from Winnipeg. If they need to replace their doors or windows, they will likely think about you first. Because, they know the money they pay you, will more or less circulate back to their locality.

Return on investment can be really good from such sponsorship. Usually, there is no cap on how much one can invest into a sports team. But, in most cases, it is up to $5,000. This year-round investment, can yield incredible results once the community begins building rapport with your business. This is true, especially if your business depends on repeat customers.

Small donations and sponsorship to youth sports clubs and events can go a long way. This communal rapport-building advertising technique can help your business strengthen its ties to the community.

What is NHL?


What is NHL?

For some, NHL is a sport. For others, it is a  religion forged by bloody gladiators fiercely fighting in an icy arena! Guess which ones we are.

NHL is a short for the National Hockey League. The NHL is professional ice hockey leauge that currently consists of 31 member teams. The league is made out of teams in the USA (24) and Canada (7). By far, the NHL is considered to be the leading professional hockey league in the world. As such, it is capable of attracting the best players from around the world.

What is the ultimate prize for a team in the NHL, you ask? What is worth the daily and nightly spilling of blood and cracking of bones on ice skates you ask? Oh, well, just what is known to be the OLDEST sports trophy in North America – The Stanley Cup (as I write this, I say it with a magnificent voice of grandeur in my head – in case you were wondering).

Organized in 1917 (way before my time), the hometown of NHL is considered to be Montreal, Quebec. This was the first step of a series of league mergers, before the NHL became what we know it to be right now. The first league that was suspended in order for the NHL to be created was the NHA (National Hockey Association). After that, many small leagues followed in order to form one big and magnificent league where hockey gladiators from all over the world gathered to crack bones and teeth!

How did hockey start?

Even though the NHL was organized in Montreal, the game itself originate elsewhere (sorry, Hubs fans). However, Montreal remains the centre for the development of what we currently known as modern hockey. This is so, because the first indoor game was actually organized in Montreal on March 3rd 1875.

If you don’t know yet, besides braking bones and spilling blood, ice hockey is a game where two teams of skaters use sticks to shoot a black puck into their enemy’s net. The objective, of course, is to score more goals in order to win the game. This God-like sport is played on ice and it is not for the faint of hearts, as it is one of the roughest contact sports available. Just picture 6.4 feet tall men that weigh around 200 pounds on skates pushing and shoving each other.  Thankfully, there are some rules that prevent complete massacres on the ice arenas.

What are the most popular hockey teams?

Montreal Canadiens. Really, they are the oldest team in the league (I can hear the multiple deaths of Leafs fans around the globe), they were founded long before the NHL was founded, and they have more Stanley Cups than any other team, that is why they win the most popular vote.

Toronto Maple Leafs hold the second place for the most championship wins with 13 wins in their hand. Leafs are the most valuable team in the league at the moment. They also have the biggest fan support in North America. However, that has not prevented them from sucking and not having won the league since 1967.

Pittsburgh Penguins have been on the rise for the past 10 or so years. Especially once taking on our superstar Canadian player – Sidney Crosby (Sid the Kid). Their fan base is ever expanding, and they are a most regular participant in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Google Search Popularity is also a neat way to see how “in demand” a hockey team is, so to speak. This type of ranking is based on how many searches Google returns for a given hockey team. So, here are the top 10:

  1. Los Angeles Kings – 162,000,000
  2. Dallas Stars – 130,000,000
  3. Washington Capitals – 115,000,000
  4. New York Rangers – 97,400,000
  5. Minnesota Wild – 84,200,000
  6. Toronto Maple Leafs – 56,700,000
  7. Detroit Red Wings – 51,800,000
  8. Chicago Blackhawks – 48,800,000
  9. Florida Panthers – 48,800,000
  10. Boston Bruins – 46,800,000

No good team without good players. Let’s take a look at the best players in the world!

This, should be an article on itself. Actually, each of those players can have a book written about themselves (some of them already do). The list of legends is so long, starting with Gretzky, Lemieux, Orr, Howe… and many more. Simple Google search will return better results than I can ever compile here.

In terms of contemporary players, you have Crosby, Ovechkin, Kane, Tavares, Stamkos, and many more. All of them playing in various teams in the NHL. Again, a simple Google search will return much better results. Especially if you go through a site such as ESPN.